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3105 alloy Aluminum Coil for sell

3105 alloy Aluminum Coil for sell

Material: 3105 aluminum

Temper: F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19,H22, H24, H26, H28,H111,H112

Thickness(mm): 0.2-8

Width(mm): 100-2650

Length(mm): Customized

Application: Color coated aluminum roll material, lamp cap material, shutter, bottle cap material, cake tray

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Brief introduction

  3105 aluminum coil is a popular base material used in aluminium ROPP/ screw/ crown caps and other bottle cap closure, which is due to aluminium 3105 alloy properties show excellent deep drawing, formability, corrosion resistance and impressive surface treatment effect ! Similarly, 3105 aluminum coil belongs 3 series Al-Mn anti-rust alloy, which can improve its strength through cold processing. Besides, due to the addition of Mn, the strength between the welds of the 3105 aluminium alloy coil is improved, greatly reduces the tendency of cracks, showing good weldability. Therefore, 3105 aluminum coil is also widely used in lamp holder, shutter, sheet metal processing workpiece, color coated aluminum coil, roof panel, corrugated board, etc. Among them, the commonly used ones are 3105 H24, 3105 H18 aluminum coil...

Applications and Features

1. Excellent Formability. 3105 aluminum coil is a typical deep-drawing material, which is very suitable for roll forming, stamping and manufacturing.

2. Impressive Surface Treatment Effect. Most notably, aluminium 3105 alloy coil is a common colored aluminum coating base material. The effect of surface coating, powder coating, and embossing are very excellent !

3. Excellent Weldability. 3105 aluminum coil can be used in many welding methods, such as MIG welding, TIG, laser and high frequency etc.

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The Use of 3105 Aluminum Coil

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3105 Aluminum Coil for ROPP Caps
3105 aluminum coil for ROPP/ screw/ crown cap closure can be well processed with chromic phosphate and DOS coating, and printed in colorful colors. In addition, 3105 aluminum alloy coil has sufficient strength, can withstand high gas pressure, and has excellent acid and corrosion resistance, so it can be widely used in the production of ROPP/ screw/ crown caps for wine, spirits, beverage and soda bottles,etc.

Other Usages
In practical application, 3105-H34 aluminum coil is also a good choice for clapboard. Besides, 3105 aluminum coil can also be used for cornices, mobile house boards, residential wall boards, roofing panels, corrugated panels, downpipes, sheet metal forming processing work pieces, lamp holder, shutter, rain sets, color coated aluminum coils, etc.

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