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3105 Alloy Aluminum sheet O H12 H14 H16

3105 Alloy Aluminum sheet O H12 H14 H16

Material: 3105 aluminum

Temper: F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H111, H112, H114

Thickness(mm): 0.1-500

Width(mm): 100-2800

Length(mm): 100-2650

Application: Cans, Beverage/ Beer cans, Color coated aluminum substrate, Lamp cap material, Shutter material, Wide screen wall plate, Liquid crystal backing material, etc

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Brief introduction

  3105 aluminum sheet is a typical deep-drawing material with an Al content of up to 98%, good rust resistance, and good electrical conductivity up to 41%. Similarly, 3105 aluminum alloy sheet is a non-heat-treated alloy, which is slightly stronger than the 1 series industrial pure aluminum, and uses cold working to improve mechanical properties. However, the formability of 3105 aluminum sheet is amazing. No matter what type of temper, its forming characteristics are very good in all conventional processes. Therefore, 3105 aluminum alloy sheet is a ideal choice of cap material, lamp holder, shutters, rain gear, and sheet metal processing parts. etc. In addition, 3105 aluminum sheet is used for residential wall panels, and mobile house walls also play an important role.

Applications and Features

1. Deep Drawability. The deep drawing performance of 3105 aluminum sheet in O temper better than that of H26 temper, and the deep drawing performance of 3105 aluminum alloy sheet before low temperature treatment is better than that of 24h.
2. Plasticity. 3105 aluminum sheet has high plasticity in the annealed state, and its plasticity is good when it is semi-cold-work hardened, and it is low when it is cold-work hardened.
3. Solderability. It is worth mentioning that the excellent weldability of 3105 aluminum sheet is applicable to all existing welding technologies, of which arc welding is the best method.
4. Other Characteristics. Good corrosion resistance, good anodic oxidation, poor machinability, etc. There are other characteristics corresponding to 3105 aluminum sheet applications, don’t hesitate to click online customer service for free consultation!

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The Use of 3105 Aluminum Sheet

usage 3105 aluminum sheet (1)

1. Cap Material. Due to the excellent deep-drawability of3105 aluminum sheet, it satisfies the design requirements of different bottle mouths of wine products.
2. Mobile Homes, Residential Wall Panels. 3105 aluminum sheet is used as a wall, even in a very humid environment, such as an island, it can easily form a dense alumina protective film on the surface, which has a strong corrosion resistance. If the film surface is scratched and damaged, new films can also be produced quickly.
3. Other Usages. Color coated aluminum substrate, rain gear, lamp holder, shutters, etc. Anodized3105 aluminum sheet, the surface can be coated with rich colors, so that the lighting fixtures, rain gear and other products have a rich design sense, and do not change color for a long time。

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