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5005 Aluminum sheet for curtain wall

5005 Aluminum sheet for curtain wall

Material: 5005 aluminum

Temper: F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H111, H112, H114

Thickness(mm): 0.1-500

Width(mm): 20-2650

Length(mm): Customized

Application: Wide-format curtain wall panels, Building decoration parts, Vehicle interior materials, Instrument panels, Oxide materials, etc.

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Brief introduction

    5005 aluminum sheet belongs to 5-series Al-Mg alloy, but the content of the main alloy Mg is less than that of other 5-series alloy sheets, so it has a slightly higher corrosion resistance than the 3-series alloy. Among them, the performance of 5005 aluminum alloy is similar to that of 3 series 3003 aluminum alloy, with moderate strength, good fusion, processing and formability, but its anodic oxidation effect is better than that of 3003 aluminum alloy, the oxide film is brighter, and can achieve the same color as that of 6063 alloy! Therefore, 5005 aluminum sheet is commonly used for high-end wide-format curtain wall panels, architectural ornaments, vehicle interior materials, instrument panel, oxidizing materials, cooking utensils, conductors and other aspects.

Applications and Features

1. Medium Intensity. Similarly, 5005 aluminum sheet is a non-heat-treated alloy that is cold-machined to improve its strength.
2. Good Formability. Under the condition of hardening or annealing in semi-cold working, the plasticity of 5005 aluminum alloy is good, but in cold working, the strength increases, and the plasticity is low.
3. Excellent Weather Resistance. The strength of 5005 aluminum sheet, whose surface is treated by anodic oxidation, will not decrease with the decrease of temperature. No low temperature brittleness occurs
4. Physical Properties. 5005 aluminum tensile strength σb(MPa) is 100~205, elongation δ110 (%) is 1~8.

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The Use of 5005 Aluminum Sheet

usage 5005 aluminum sheet

5005 Aluminum Sheet for Curtain Wall
5005 aluminum sheet can be used as high-end wide-format curtain wall material, which has the advantage of excellent anodic oxidation effect compared with the commonly used 3003 aluminum sheet for curtain wall. In addition, 5005 aluminum alloy is light, only one fifth of the marble, one third of the glass curtain wall, and can be perfectly combined with the glass and stone curtain wall material, presenting a fashion, trend, unique modern architectural style. It is worth mentioning that, the cost-effective price, as well as the low maintenance cost in the later period, make the architects more favor to the 5005 aluminum sheet!
Other Usages
Besides, 5005 aluminum sheet is also commonly used for building decoration parts, vehicle interior materials, instrument panel, oxidizing materials, cooking utensils, conductors and other manufacturing.

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