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60 series aluminum V-groove profiles

60 series aluminum V-groove profiles

The quality of 60 series industrial aluminum V-groove profiles meets the requirements of international standards. The weight, cross section and model of 60 series industrial aluminum V-groove profiles are different. Various parameters are shown in the following chart for your reference. We have many years of experience in aluminum processing and customization, and provide all kinds of aluminum profiles and aluminum raw materials. Professionally and efficiently provide customized mold drawing and other services to meet the needs of various procurement and customized customers, solve problems for customers and win-win cooperation. We can leave your information and needs, and we will provide you with the specific quotation details of 60 series industrial aluminum V-groove profiles and other products.

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Basic Specification Information

1) Material: 6063-T5 Aluminum

2) Finish: Anodized silver white (can be customized)

3) Length: 6.02m

4) Adequate inventory

5) Packaging: Standard overseas packaging

6) Customization: The length can be cut according to the demand, and the surface color can be customized

7) Application: used in custom-made frames of conventional assembly lines, industrial frame composite structures, etc.


Advantage of Euro Standard V-slot

1.Much series.
The origin of European standard aluminum profiles is relatively early, so there are many sales on the market. The European standard aluminum profile is only available after the European standard aluminum profile enters China, so it is not as large as the European standard aluminum profile.

2. The price is cheap.
To compare the national standard aluminum profiles, the price of European standard profiles is relatively cheap, mainly because in the process of section design, the wall thickness of European standard profiles is not as thick as that of national standard profiles, so the price is much cheaper.

3. Many accessories are used.
There are many accessories used in European standard aluminum profiles, which can realize a variety of connection modes. Some accessories are only applicable to European standard profiles, such as elastic fasteners and so on.

4.Widely used.
Because of its large number, it is divided into three different specifications: light, medium and heavy, so it is widely used. When purchasing aluminum profiles, general customers prefer European standard series profiles.

5. There are many kinds of sections.
The section types of European standard aluminum profiles include square, rectangle, large section, arc, etc. among them, the arc European standard aluminum profiles can be used on the frame column to prevent collision. Among the profiles of the national standard series, there are few arc profiles.

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