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aluminum baseboard skirting profile

aluminum baseboard skirting profile

Aluminum skirting board profiles are generally used to decorate and beautify the decoration space, for creating visual balance as well Reinforcement and protection of the corner floor plays a vital role.

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Basic specification information

Aluminum skirting board skirting board profile 


1) Material:6063-T5

2) Surface treatment process: anodizing, powder coating, drawing, sandblasting and so on

3) Style: glossy, matte, wood grain and other brushed sprays are available

4) Stock: Sufficient

5) Packing: Standard packaging

6) Customization: Customizable

7) Application: Because of the excellent performance of aluminum skirting board, it is widely used in office buildings, commercial plazas, hotels and hotels , hospitals, schools and other architectural ornaments related to buildings.

Below is the color display

Aluminum skirting board display

  Features: Because the aluminum skirting board profile is more textured and not easy than other material skirting boards Deformation and distortion, waterproof and anti-moth and corrosion resistance are excellent, environmental protection and hygiene, high safety, and can be used at any time Disassembly and other advantages, so it is generally widely used in architectural decorations, cheap and easy to use, It has a great advantage in the market.

  Custom applications: As market demand continues to increase, the style of aluminum skirting boards is also available Continuously increasing, we can customize different program specifications and sizes according to the different needs of customers , can be used in a variety of occasions application is extremely widespread.

Application scenario display

Aluminum baseboard style
Baseboard application scenarios
Details of the skirting line
Aluminum baseboard

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