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6063 aluminum extrusion rectangle pipe&tube

6063 aluminum extrusion rectangle pipe&tube

  6063 aluminum extruded rectangular pipes are generally used for building profiles and decorative furniture, railings,fences,etc.material for extrusion.For details, you can contact us to quote and customize for you. In addition, we also provide various types of solid round steel, U-shaped groove profiles, angle aluminum and aluminum flat steel and other profiles.

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Basic Specification Information

1) Material: 6063

2) Surface treatment process: oxidation,spraying,polishing,sandblasting, etc.

3) Style: glossy, matte, wood grain and other brushed spraying options

4) Inventory: Available

5) Packaging: Standard overseas packaging

6) Customization: Various sizes and types of aluminum extruded rectangular tubes can be provided or customized upon request.

7) Application: Aluminum extruded rectangular tubes are used for building profile decoration and furniture and other ubiquitous materials among.

8) Features: The aluminum extruded rectangular tube is a heat-treated aluminum alloy, so it has high strength and corrosion resistance.The advantages of strong stability, uniformity and stability are therefore quite popular in the market, and the price is economical and versatile.The same aluminum extrusion profile model will have different uses.

9) Customized application: Aluminum is more economical and practical among many materials, and extrusion is an indispensable processing method for profile forming. We can manufacture molds according to the cross-section design of profile products required by customers, and customize different solutions, specifications, sizes and colors, which can be used in a variety of occasions and an extremely wide range of applications. 


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