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Processing of special aluminum profiles for wheels

Processing of special aluminum profiles for wheels

Compared with the steel wheel rim, the aluminum wheel profile is less dense and lighter than the steel wheel rim, which can reduce the overall mass, improve the fuel efficiency, save energy and reduce emissions, and is more suitable for people’s energy-saving life. The pursuit of quality. Aluminum has higher thermal conductivity and better heat dissipation performance. Aluminum rim profiles are easy to process and more beautiful and fashionable.

We have many years of experience in processing aluminum products, the short delivery cycle and the stock are sufficient to meet the needs of customers, and there are more aluminum profiles for you to choose from. You can leave your contact information and needs below, and we will provide you with services such as quotation plans.

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Production process of bicycle rim:

 1. According to the quality requirements of bicycle rim, 6061 material is extruded to produce bicycle aluminum profile meeting the hardness requirements.

 2. Cut and bend the punching hole according to the length requirements.

 3. Anodizing pretreatment

 4. Anodizing with color according.

We provide aluminum profiles for bicycle rims.

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