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CNC Aluminum Accessories processing customization

CNC Aluminum Accessories processing customization

CNC Precision Machining: 3-axle, 4-axle, 5-axle

Machining: bending, cutting, stamping, NCT punch, welding, laser

Surface Treatment: coating, spraying, polishing, screen painting, blasting, anodized

Material: 6063 6061 etc.

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CNC Aluminum Accessories processing customization

-Professional norms, efficient guarantee, excellence-

Has a variety of sheet metal processing workshops, which can meet the customization of CNC aluminum parts processing, A variety of processing customization requirements, according to customer needs, can design manufacturing specifications.

CNC's main products: precision electronic equip- met accessories, drone accessories, aviation equip-met accessories, precision automotive customized accessories, smart home accessories, industrial non-standard customization, etc.

Customize aluminum accessories to meet customer needs and provide one-stop service.

Welcome to consult CNC Various problems in the processing and customization of aluminum parts.


Aluminum custom sample display   - Material: aluminum alloy 6063, 6061, 7075 etc.

Aluminum Accessories


   Advantageous services: with cutting, drilling, tapping, riveting, welding,A series of perfect auxiliary processes such as high gloss and surface treatment can be used in all directions.

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Customized aluminum accessories
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