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CNC customized aluminum shell

CNC customized aluminum shell

CNC Precision Machining: 3-axle, 4-axle, 5-axle

Machining: bending, cutting, stamping, NCT punch, welding, laser

Surface Treatment: coating, spraying, polishing, screen painting, blasting, anodized

Material: 6063 6061 etc.


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CNC customization

  In the manufacturing industry, CNC is mainly used to process and manufacture parts, such as: mobile phone cases, auto parts, mold parts, etc., CNC has the characteristics of high precision of processed products, high degree of automation, high production efficiency and low production cost. Processing materials are mainly: metals and engineering plastics.

CNC metalworking customization: Professional supporting metal products finishing equipment, stable processing quality, high processing accuracy.

Surface treatment: The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements of the product. The main processes include painting, coloring, polishing, electroplating, silk screen printing, drawing and so on.


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