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Customized processing of aluminum coil finished products

Customized processing of aluminum coil finished products

Aluminum coil is an aluminum metal product that is cut from aluminum raw material through a series of processes that are rolled and stretched by a casting and rolling mill, and then pulled out and bent. Because aluminum coils contain different metal elements, the types are also divided into several categories to be distinguished according to different ways of use. Aluminum coils are widely used in building exterior walls, decorative materials, road signs, 3C electronics, and mechanical products. For example, 6061 aluminum coil has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance, easy processing and easy coating, so it is widely used in aircraft parts accessories, electronic product accessories, metal products used for decoration, etc.

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Basic Specification Information

1) Material: 6061 Aluminum

2) Surface treatment process: sandblasting, polishing, wire drawing, high gloss, anodizing, two-color anodizing

3) Shape: roll

4) Adequate inventory

5) Packaging: Standard overseas packaging

6) Customization: You can choose the length according to your needs to customize the special specifications you need, and support processing into aluminum strips by fire cutting equipment.

7) Application: Widely used in building exterior wall materials, capacitor shells, signs and road signs, 3C electronic products, car rims, travel trolley cases, power industry, etc.

Applications and Features

Features: 1. Compared with other profiles, the aluminum coil has excellent electroplating, 
corrosion resistance and toughness;
2. High strength and high hardness can maintain no deformation even after processing, 
and the material is tight; 
3. Polished and colored very well Easy and excellent oxidation effect; 
4. All aluminum materials can be recycled and reused without pollution to the environment.
alu coil

The Use of 6061 Aluminum Coil

alu coil 2

Used for 3C products and other fields: 3C products generally refer to computer, communications and consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, and some small household appliances. The 3C products made of 6061 aluminum coils are beautiful in shape, various in color, and very light. What's more, with the rapid update of electronic products, these products made of aluminum alloy can be recycled after being eliminated, thus reducing the pollution to the environment.
Used for automotive wheels: Under the current manufacturing technology and technology level, automobile lightweight is an important means to solve the problem of automobile pollution. Using 6061 aluminum coil to make automobile wheel hub can improve product service life under the premise of reducing dead weight, and achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.
Can also be used for trolley case material:The luggage itself is bulky when travelling, so it is appropriate to use lightweight aluminum alloy as the material for pull boxes. During baggage check, occasionally encountered violent check, 6061 aluminum roll strength is high hardness, can well protect the luggage from damage.

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