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Glass sandblasting aluminum profile customization

Glass sandblasting aluminum profile customization

Aluminum profiles can be made into different types of aluminum profiles according to different surface treatment methods to meet the needs of different customers. The colors of aluminum profiles are changeable. They have fashionable high-end choices such as dark gun color, rose gold, soft gray, black, champagne color, etc., which greatly meet people’s beauty for decoration. Moreover, the characteristics of aluminum profiles are durable and environmental protection, which has become a new choice for decoration materials, Those who want to customize and purchase aluminum profiles can contact us. Our aluminum profile products have rich experience, high quality and low price, and can carry out corresponding customized design services.

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Glass blasting anodiezd is a process of physical sandblasting, anodizing and coloring of aluminum profiles with glass steel balls with smaller particles. The surface of aluminum profiles has a smaller and more uniform surface, which is fashionable and beautiful.


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