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Motor Rim 6063-T6 high quality primay aluminum profile

Motor Rim 6063-T6 high quality primay aluminum profile

6063-T6 aluminum profile can be used to make motor rims, because of its corrosion resistance and wear resistance, it is very suitable for rim motors compared to other profiles. 6063-T6 aluminum profiles are pre-anodized for surface treatment.

Our company provides other customized lengths in addition to the specified models,also has other aluminum profiles such as: aluminum rods, aluminum coils, aluminum strips, extruded aluminum tubes, etc. If necessary, you can leave your information below and we will have someone contact you.

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Basic Specification Information

Information and characteristics of 6063-T6 aluminum profile

1) Material: 6063-T6 aluminum billet

2) Surface treatment process: anodizing, polishing

3) Hardness: 13-15HW

4) shape: plate

5) Adequate inventory

6) Packaging: Standard overseas packaging

7) Length: 5.75m/pc or as required

8) Customization: select the model length according to customer needs

9) Application: Motor rim

10) Features: According to different quality requirements, choose different types of aluminum profiles to meet different hardness requirements. According to different length requirements, cutting, bending and punching are carried out, and then the 6063-T6 aluminum profile is anodized pretreatment and then anodized according to the color of the 6063-T6 aluminum profile. For specific options, please contact us for quotation information.

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