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Analysis and comparison of advantages of industrial aluminum profiles

  When it comes to industrial aluminum profiles, it is well known that this alloy profile has gradually been widely used in all walks of life in recent years, and we can see it even in our daily life. Today, I will talk to you about why industrial aluminum profiles can gradually replace steel profiles in the machinery automation industry, and become the reason why the utilization rate in the machinery manufacturing industry accounts for a large proportion. Here we compare and analyze iron materials and industrial aluminum profiles.

1. Environmental protection

Everything now requires environmental protection and reduces environmental pollution. Industrial aluminum profiles are environmentally friendly green materials with high recycling rates, which can be recycled for secondary use. Iron products are not suitable, because iron products will rust when used for a long time, the recovery rate is low, and the recycling rate is low.

2. Installation

In today’s era of high efficiency, everything we do requires high efficiency. Industrial aluminum profiles are connected by matching aluminum profile accessories connectors, which are not limited by the site, easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to expand and upgrade later. It is called a fast modular assembly system. And the assembly process is clean and hygienic, and does not cause harm to the human body. Iron products are generally welded, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also requires professional welding workers to carry out the construction during the installation process.

3. Appearance

Now everyone advocates “face value is justice”. Under the same function, everyone may prefer products with “high value”. The industrial aluminum profile is surface-treated, and the surface is covered with an oxide film, which is anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, not easy to rust, easy to maintain, and has multiple colors to choose from, such as silver white, black, gold and so on. Iron products have less color selectivity, and they are easy to rust after a long time of use, and maintenance is inconvenient.

4. Use time

The industrial aluminum profile is surface-treated, beautiful and durable, and has a long use time. Iron products are easy to rust and difficult to maintain, and the service life is not as long as the former.

5. Scope of use places

Industrial aluminum profiles are suitable for use in many industries. The profiles have the characteristics of anti-static and can be used in various production workshops with high requirements for static electricity. Iron products are easy to conduct electricity and are not suitable for various electronic production workshops.

6. Bearing capacity There are many specifications and models of industrial aluminum profiles. The profiles of different sizes and sizes have different cross-sections and different bearing loads. Users can choose materials according to their needs. The specifications series of iron products are not rich enough and have great limitations.



Post time: Apr-12-2022