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How do aluminum profile manufacturers deal with waste aluminum

We have said before that scrap aluminum contains impurities. The aluminum profiles produced from these scrap aluminums have low hardness, low corrosion resistance, and dark surface color. Then why are the aluminum profile scraps produced by aluminum profile manufacturers returning to the furnace and recasting rods? Woolen cloth? Will this returned aluminum scrap affect the performance of aluminum profiles?

In fact, scrap aluminum is divided into old scrap aluminum and new scrap aluminum. Old scrap aluminum is the scrap aluminum parts purchased in the society, such as scrap aluminum alloy doors and windows removed from houses, scrapped automobile aluminum parts, household appliances, aluminum parts in machinery and equipment, scrap cans, various aluminum containers, etc. Aluminum conductors, aluminum metal parts, discarded aluminum kitchen utensils, etc. Also includes waste and waste from the processing of finished aluminum products from semi-finished aluminum products. Such as the processing of aluminum doors and windows, deep-drawn cans, wastes, chips, and scraps generated when processing castings and forgings.

The new scrap aluminum refers to the process waste (such as material head and tail, aluminum rod residue) generated by aluminum profile manufacturers in the process of processing aluminum materials, as well as defective products with unqualified chemical composition and geometric tolerance. This kind of scrap aluminum has not been polluted, the composition of aluminum alloy has not changed, and recasting only changes its physical form. So this can still be called primary aluminum profile.

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Post time: May-09-2022