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How to control the welding line of aluminum profiles?

When aluminum is extruded, the aluminum flowing into the split die will be separated and welded through the welding chamber, and the surface of the extruded aluminum profile has a welding line. Welding lines are very aesthetically pleasing, but through some technological innovations and operating specifications, the welding lines on the surface of aluminum profiles can be reduced, making them almost invisible to the naked eye. Let’s take a look:

1. In the mold design, the mold holes should be arranged reasonably, the volume of the welding chamber should be increased, and the layout of the shunt bridge should be improved. Rework old molds.

2. Appropriately reduce the extrusion temperature and control the outlet temperature at 490-510℃. At the same time, the quenching strength at the outlet is strengthened to improve the coarse grains.

3. Increasing the extrusion ratio is conducive to welding, thereby improving the welding quality of aluminum alloys. The extrusion ratio should be controlled between 30-80.

4. Changing the oxidation process and changing the alkaline cleaning process to pickling can effectively reduce the occurrence of obvious welding lines after oxidation.

The above methods have been practiced and can effectively improve the welding line on the surface of the aluminum profile.


Post time: Apr-19-2022