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How to make the surface matte effect of aluminum profiles

  Now aluminum alloy profiles appear as a common metal material in all aspects of life, such as the computers in front of us, the base of TV sets are supported by aluminum profiles, our mobile phone shells are also aluminum alloys, and our desk partitions are also made of aluminum profiles. The aluminum alloy profile is used as the frame, and the cabinet handle is also made of aluminum alloy. These aluminum alloy profiles have one thing in common, that is, the surface looks very smooth, but it is not too bright, but a low-key matt effect, which is also in line with modern aesthetic standards.

We know that the aluminum alloy surface itself is bright, so how is this matte effect obtained? Let’s take a look at the matte effect of the surface in general, which is divided into physical process and chemical process. The physical process is generally sandblasting. Emery is used. The aluminum alloy material is passed through a sandblasting machine, so that the fine and dense sand can make even small pits on the surface of the aluminum profile, which can hardly be seen by the naked eye. The aluminum profile is still smooth, but the visual effect has changed from glossy to matte. The particle size of emery is different, and the effect of spraying on the profile is also divided into thickness. The aluminum profile is sandblasted and then anodized to form a dense transparent oxide film on the surface to increase corrosion resistance.

The principle of acid sand is similar, all of which are to corrode part of the surface of the aluminum profile. The surface effect of the aluminum profile treated by this chemical process will be more natural, but it will cause loss to the aluminum profile and is not environmentally friendly. Another point is that the inner cavity of the aluminum profile treated by chemical process will also have a matte effect, while the inner cavity of the sandblasted aluminum profile is still bright.

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Post time: Apr-29-2022