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Industrial aluminum profiles should pay attention to these aging problems

As a manufacturer of industrial aluminum profiles, in order to strengthen its mechanical properties after extrusion production of industrial aluminum profiles, in addition to quenching, the aluminum profiles must be artificially aged. Artificial aging is to reheat the quenched and cooled aluminum profile to a certain temperature and keep it for a certain period of time. Artificial aging can improve the hardness of industrial aluminum profiles faster and more effectively than natural aging. However, improper operation of the artificial aging process will not achieve the desired effect, so what matters should be paid attention to in the aging of industrial aluminum profiles?

1. First, before aging, we must first classify industrial aluminum profiles. Due to different aging temperatures, aluminum profiles of different grades cannot be aged in the same furnace. Different specifications of industrial aluminum profiles have different holding times. For example, thin-walled aluminum profiles can be aged in a furnace, and the aging temperature can be set to a lower limit. Thick-walled industrial aluminum profiles and small aluminum profiles can prolong the aging time due to poor ventilation to ensure that the hardness requirements can be met.

2. The second is to make full use of the space of the aging furnace, and the materials should be filled to avoid wasting energy. The ingredients for the next batch are ready before the last batch is out. When framing, there should be gaps on both sides of each aluminum profile, and each layer should be separated by felt strips.

3. During the aging process, pay close attention to whether the combustion system of the aging furnace is working normally and whether the temperature indication of the instrument is abnormal.

4. The hardness of the industrial aluminum profile should be tested immediately after it is cooled for a while, and the data should be recorded in time.

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Post time: May-13-2022