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Reasons for the failure of solar frame aluminum profiles in the production process

Solar frame aluminum profiles may encounter some defects and defects in the production process. Today, let’s take a look at the production defects of solar frame aluminum profiles and find out the reasons for these defects.

1. Cracks, cracks are more serious profile defects. Cracks appear on the surface of aluminum extrusions because the temperature of the ingot is too high and the extrusion speed is too fast. There may also be a mold problem, the film hole is not lubricated enough, the guide way is not installed or the guide way is not suitable.

2. Unqualified dimensional tolerances, which are very common poor extrusion of aluminum profiles, mainly due to the following reasons: ① unqualified mold design, ② mold manufacturing is not strict, ③ improper mold repair, ④ extrusion The temperature of the ingot is too high, ⑤ the extrusion speed changes too fast, and ⑥ the calculation of the length of the ingot is wrong.

3. Bending and twisting, mainly due to unreasonable design of membrane holes, improper lubrication, excessive extrusion speed or inappropriate guide path.

4. Bubble and peeling, this is mainly the problem of the extrusion cylinder, the gap between the extrusion cylinder and the extrusion pad is too large, the inner wall of the extrusion cylinder is worn out of tolerance, the extrusion cylinder/extrusion pad is stuck with oil and moisture; aluminum rods There are oil stains on the surface, trachoma and pores on the surface, the temperature of the extrusion cylinder and the temperature of the aluminum rod are too high; the extrusion die has oil stains, etc.

5. Pockmarks, pockmarked surfaces, unsmooth mold working belt, insufficient hardness and inner width; excessive temperature of extrusion cylinder and aluminum rod, excessive or uneven extrusion speed; excessive length of aluminum rod, etc.

6. Scratches or ribs, the mold table is not clean, there are foreign objects; the mold work has defects; the mold empty knife has sharp edges; there are hard impurities in the aluminum rod or impurities block the mold hole.

7. Extrusion horizontal stripes due to unreasonable die design, unequal lengths of working belts at the same part; improper extrusion speed control; unsteady operation of the extruder and other reasons.

8. Shrinkage is caused by the excessively short extrusion residue, the oiled or unclean extrusion gasket, the unclean surface of the ingot, the insufficient cutting length of the product, and the sudden increase of the extrusion speed at the end of extrusion.

The above are the 9 kinds of defects encountered in the extrusion production of solar frame aluminum profiles and the reasons for the defects. Our common defects are unqualified dimensional tolerances and unqualified performance. Therefore, aluminum profiles must be extruded during production. Pay attention to the details.

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Post time: Apr-27-2022