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The shell of the aluminum profile has those characteristics

The aluminum profile shell has obvious characteristics compared with the shell of other materials.

1. The aluminum profile shell is relatively light, and the specific gravity of the aluminum alloy is relatively small, but the strength is not bad.

2. The aluminum profile shell is corrosion-resistant, and the aluminum alloy shell is generally subjected to some surface treatment, such as anodizing, spraying, etc., on the one hand, it can change its color, and on the other hand, it can protect the aluminum matrix from being oxidized and corroded. But even the aluminum casing without surface treatment is not easy to be corroded, because the aluminum alloy itself is a material that is not easily oxidized.

3. The aluminum profile shell is generally not very large. Since the aluminum profile shell is an extruded profile, the larger the diameter of the shell requires the larger the tonnage of the extruder, and the higher the mold cost. For example, the largest extruded aluminum profile shell of a 1800-ton extruder is 140*140mm. Of course, there are also very large shells produced by extrusion, such as subway cars.

4. Both ends of the aluminum profile shell are open, and there is only one cross-section, which is the commonality of the extrusion materials, that is to say, if the shell is to be closed, end caps should be added at both ends. If you want to form a one-piece, closed bottom shell, or shells with different front and rear sizes, you can only do die casting.

5. The aluminum profile shell can make complex cross-sections. Since it is extrusion production, as long as the mold is designed, the desired shape can be extruded. For example, there are protruding heat sinks on the periphery of the servo motor shell, which can have its own heat dissipation function.


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Post time: Jun-17-2022