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Various categories of aluminum profiles

Aluminum profile products are a kind of aluminum products. There are also many sub-categories of aluminum profile products. We will learn about some of them today.

1. Frame aluminum products

There are many aluminum frame products, such as solar frame, light box frame, electrical frame, etc. In particular, the demand for solar frame is still very large in recent years.

2. Beam aluminum products

Beam aluminum products are used in some relatively large mechanical equipment, such as printer beams, engraving machine beams, aluminum alloy keels, etc. This kind of aluminum profile products are generally relatively large and heavy.

3. Panel aluminum products

Panel aluminum products can be used as base panels for LED lights, power amplifier audio panels, radiator panels, etc., and are also widely used.

4. Aluminium profile spare parts

There are many types of aluminum profiles, such as frame connectors, brackets, corner pieces, etc. Hongfa Nonferrous also made an aluminum alloy hoop for 5G base stations. completed.

5. Aluminum profile frame products

Aluminum profile frame products are generally relatively large, such as assembly line workbenches, material racks, maintenance platforms, clean room partitions, etc. which are all aluminum profile frame products. The aluminum profile for making the frame is an industrial aluminum profile with grooves on all sides like a square tube.


Post time: May-07-2022