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What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy pipes

Compared with aluminum alloy profiles, the processing of aluminum alloy pipes is less difficult, because there is basically only one cavity for both square and round pipes, and the mold is also relatively simple. Therefore, aluminum alloy pipe is also a general material. So what are the characteristics of aluminum alloy pipes?
1. There are many brands, because the production of aluminum tubes is less difficult. Soft and hard aluminum alloys can be made into aluminum tubes, so from 1 ××× Pure aluminum to 7 ××× Aluminum tubes can be seen in all kinds of super-hard aluminum. The pipe belongs to the aluminum alloy system and belongs to the aluminum alloy system. The processing of soft aluminum alloy pipe is relatively easy and the surface quality is relatively good, while the processing of hard aluminum alloy pipe is relatively difficult and the surface is prone to defects.
2. Aluminum alloy pipe has bright appearance and corrosion resistance, and its density is only one third of that of steel pipe, so it is very light.
3. It can be bent, welded and machined. Pure aluminum and soft aluminum tubes can be bent. For example, 6063 aluminum tubes can be bent without aging.
4. There are many kinds of surface treatment, such as anodize oxidation, electroscopic coating, fluorocarbon spraying, wood grain transfer printing and so on.
5. Aluminum alloy pipe has many uses. There is a reason to say that it is a general aluminum profile, because aluminum alloy pipe has a wide range of uses. Aluminum alloy pipe will be used in industry, civil use, transportation and aerospace.

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Post time: May-20-2022