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What are the development trends of different types of aluminum profiles

We can see aluminum profiles in all walks of life, and aluminum profiles have become an indispensable metal material in production and life. The demand for aluminum profiles in all walks of life is changing, some industries are decreasing year by year, and some industries have a sharp increase in demand. Today we will talk about the development trend of aluminum profiles in all walks of life.

1. In the construction industry, as a developing country, infrastructure construction is still the direction of development for many years to come. In addition, my country's urbanization rate is increasing year by year, and the construction and real estate market is still booming. The demand for construction aluminum profiles is also steadily increasing year by year.

2. In the rail transit industry, since the beginning of the 21st century, the country has begun to vigorously develop rail transit construction. Whether it is high-speed rail, subway or light rail, they are all developing rapidly, and rail transit aluminum is also very objective, and the amount of rail transit aluminum profiles is also long-term. Not too high. However, with the improvement of rail facilities in large and medium-sized cities, rail construction has begun to develop to small cities and county-level areas, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of aluminum profiles used in rail transit in the past two years.

3. In the household industry, household aluminum profiles are closely related to our lives, such as aluminum alloy hangers, towel racks, ladders, etc., but the most used is all-aluminum households. According to statistics in 2018, there are about 440 million households in my country. If 1% of households choose all-aluminum households, 1 million tons of aluminum profiles are needed.

4. The aluminum alloy pallets in the transportation industry and the logistics industry are made of aluminum profiles welded or riveted. At present, the amount of aluminum alloy pallets is relatively small, but it is also a development direction. There is also a considerable amount of aluminum for vehicles, especially for all-aluminum vehicles, the development is still very impressive.

5. Industrial production, automation equipment will use aluminum profiles as the frame, as well as turnover vehicles, material racks, shelves, equipment enclosures, industrial fences, etc. will use industrial aluminum profiles. As the development of industrial automation becomes more and more mature, the growth rate of industrial aluminum profiles is also slowing down.

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Post time: Jun-23-2022