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What are the reasons for choosing aluminum alloy heat dissipation shell for LED light frame

In recent years, LEDs have gradually replaced incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and other lamps with low lighting, because LED lamps save power and have higher brightness than other types of lamps. But LED lights also have a problem, that is, they need to dissipate heat. LED components are more sensitive to temperature changes. Continuous lighting of LED lamps at high temperatures will easily cause power reduction, yellowing of the substrate, and falling off lamp beads, which will affect the life of the lamp. Therefore, the lighting effect of LED lights that have been used for a long time at high temperatures will deteriorate.
The use of aluminum alloy material for LED lamp housing also considers the heat dissipation problem. Among metals, silver and copper are the best thermal conductive materials, and aluminum is the second. However, silver and copper are more expensive than aluminum, and the formability of copper is not as good as that of aluminum.

Since LED lamps have relatively high requirements for heat dissipation, the general LED lamp housing is designed with its own heat dissipation function. Adding a lot of deep teeth outside the LED light housing greatly increases the surface area of ​​the aluminum housing and increases thermal conductivity at the same time.

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Post time: Jun-01-2022