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What causes the opening of the aluminum profile to be too large

 The aluminum profiles we produce will have some notches because they need to be combined or installed with accessories. These notches will be too large during extrusion production, and if there are too many large ones, it will affect the use. So what is the reason for the large notch or opening of the aluminum profile? Today we will analyze:

1. The mold design is unreasonable

Generally, where there is an opening, the opening will expand outward due to the influence of stress during extrusion. Therefore, when designing the mold, the opening should be retracted a little to offset the stress of the outward expansion. The specific charge will test the technical level of the mold making personnel.

2. Extrusion temperature is too high

Excessive extrusion temperature can easily lead to deformation of the profile, including deformation of the opening. After the temperature is high, the metal flow rate is too fast, and in some places the flow rate will be slower.

3. Extrusion speed is too fast

The high extrusion speed will also lead to uneven flow rate of the metal and deformation of the opening.

4. Deformation after cooling

For some relatively thin profiles, it is easy to deform if the straightening force is not well controlled after extrusion, and it is easy to deform after cooling.

Therefore, for some profiles with more notches and thinner walls, special attention should be paid to controlling the temperature and extrusion speed during extrusion, as well as the strength when straightening.

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Post time: Aug-02-2022