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What is the difference between the performance of seamless aluminum pipe and seamed aluminum pipe

The application field of aluminum alloy pipes is still relatively common, especially in household appliances, but many household appliances also use copper materials. Relatively speaking, the advantages of aluminum alloy pipes are greater. People with aluminum pipes will account for the majority. At this time, someone said that aluminum alloy pipes are also divided into seamless aluminum alloy pipes and seamed aluminum alloy pipes. What is the difference between them?

The pressure bearing of the seamless aluminum pipe is better than that of the seamed aluminum pipe, the texture of the seamless pipe is relatively uniform, and the chemical composition of the welded pipe will have a small amount of burning loss in the weld part, so the mechanical properties are slightly worse but not very different. If it is used for elbow, it is recommended to use seamless aluminum tube. Welded pipes are prone to cracking. There is no problem if the bending radius is relatively large. The seamless aluminum tube is formed by perforation extrusion, while the conventional aluminum tube is generally extruded by a combined die. In the production, the extrusion process of short rod, high temperature and slow speed is used, especially when the “three temperatures” are to be well controlled.The processing methods of aluminum ingots for seamless aluminum alloy pipes and seamed aluminum alloy pipes are different.

In terms of mechanical properties, seamless aluminum tube products have uniform metal flow at the beginning and end, high dimensional accuracy, good fatigue resistance, consistent mechanical properties, and no layered structure. The metal flow at the head and tail of the seamed aluminum pipe product cannot be uniform, the mechanical properties are inconsistent, and the layered structure is prone to appear. On the whole, it is better to choose a seamless aluminum tube, but it is also necessary to determine the choice according to your own situation.

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Post time: Apr-18-2022