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What role can aluminum alloy play in the field of science and technology?

The aluminum alloy profiles used in general science and technology fields are high-performance aluminum profiles. The alloy composition content is relatively special, so the production is relatively difficult. At present, many high-performance aluminum profiles in my country are still dependent on imports. So where are these high-performance aluminum profiles used?

1. Aerospace

At the same strength level, aluminum alloys can provide materials with thicker sections and better buckling resistance under compression, making them ideal aircraft structural materials.

2. Rail transit body materials

Whether it is high-speed rail, subway, or light rail, 85% of the car body materials are extruded aluminum profiles. Of course, this kind of aluminum profiles cannot be produced by ordinary aluminum profile factories, and requires super-large extrusion machines., The whole car body is welded by aluminum profiles, plates, castings, and forgings. Aluminum alloy carriages are light in weight, and due to the addition of alloy components, the strength of the carriages is higher than that of steel alloys, which is the best choice for rail transit.

3. Lightweight cars Lightweight vehicles can reduce carbon emissions, which is a development trend. Replacing steel with aluminum alloys can greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle. Aluminum alloys are widely used in various parts of automobiles, such as instrument panels and engine brackets, aluminum alloy wheels, suspension system parts, bumper anti-collision beams, cylinders, doors, and heat exchangers, etc. Of course, in addition to the above transportation fields, high-performance aluminum alloy profiles are also used in scientific research, military industry, and modern industrial fields.

Aluminum alloy

Post time: May-10-2022