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Why choose ultrasonic technology for aluminum sheet welding

Aluminum sheet is usually made of aluminum alloy because of its conductivity, low resistance, corrosion resistance, easy welding and conduction. RF, so it is commonly used in automobile and electrical components and industrial products with precise conductivity requirements. Because the melting point of aluminum is low, ultrasonic metal welding equipment is usually used to weld aluminum sheets. The welding thickness of aluminum sheet requires large thermal conductivity, which can quickly take away the heat generated during drilling and reduce the temperature of drilling nozzle. Try to use 0.15-0.2mm thick aluminum sheet or 0.15-0.35mm aluminum alloy composite aluminum sheet.
During welding, it is necessary to determine the size of the welding area of aluminum sheet, whether the tensile test requirements after welding can be met, and the conductivity strength will affect the selection of welding process.
Ultrasonic metal welding of aluminum sheet uses high-frequency vibration wave to transfer to two metal surfaces to be welded. Under pressure, the two metal surfaces rub against each other to form the fusion between molecular layers. Its advantages are fast, energy-saving, high fusion strength, good conductivity, no spark and close to cold machining;
Performance advantages
1. The aluminum sheet welding machine has superior welding effect and firm welding, without false welding, vibrating powder, burning diaphragm, scalding insulating glue and vibrating and cracking pole lug.
2. The two metal parts of the aluminum sheet welding machine penetrate into each other, and are damaged and torn after welding. The metal parts on one side and the metal parts on the other side penetrate into each other. The residual welding surface of the pole piece on the pole lug is more than 80%.
3. After welding, the surface of the pole lug and pole piece of the aluminum sheet welding machine is flat, without wrinkles, and there are no raised burrs on the back. The solder joint is full, clear, firm and reliable, and the position of the solder joint is not broken.
4. The aluminum sheet welding machine has good conductivity after welding, and the resistance coefficient is very low or close to zero.
5. The aluminum sheet welding machine has short welding time and does not need any flux, gas and solder.

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Post time: May-20-2022