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Precision equipment aluminum hardware accessories processing CNC processing

Precision equipment aluminum hardware accessories processing CNC processing

CNC Precision Machining: 3-axle, 4-axle, 5-axle

Machining: bending, cutting, stamping, NCT punch, welding, laser

Surface Treatment: coating, spraying, polishing, screen painting, blasting, anodized

Material: 6063 6061 etc.

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Precision Equipment Aluminum Hardware Accessories Processing CNC Processing

  The processing site of aluminum hardware accessories for precision equipment is equipped with dozens of large-scale precision CNCs, dozens of processing equipment such as grinding, milling, drilling, sawing, EDM, a series of precision machining instruments, three-dimensional imported testing equipment, steel and gold Phase analyzer, etc. The machine tool configuration system has high precision, and has rich experience in the processing and customization of accessories. The production process is controllable, which effectively saves more time. It has rich processing experience in vacuum heat treatment of steel.


  Relying on advanced processing equipment and mature technology, a complete management system provides customers in various industries: CNC custom processing of non-standard hardware parts, automation equipment parts processing, hardware parts processing, electronic digital hardware parts processing,auto parts processing, Non-standard guide rail customization, large aluminum plate, die-casting aluminum, aluminum base processing.

Aluminum Accessories


  Products are widely used in many fields, such as mechanical equipment, semiconductor automation equipment, medical equipment and equipment, packaging equipment, CNC machine tools, fixture processing, automobile production lines...etc. to meet the customization of different enterprises.

In line with the business philosophy of winning by quality, mutual benefit and win-win, we wholeheartedly provide new and old customers with better products and better processing customized services.

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