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Sand blasting polishing surface treatment aluminum profile

Sand blasting polishing surface treatment aluminum profile

After sandblasting and polishing a series of treated aluminum profiles have a sense of beautiful design and are suitable for building interior decoration. Because of their changeable colors, wear-resistant and durable, environmentally friendly and tasteless, they have become the first choice for many home decoration. In addition to providing all kinds of processed aluminum profiles, our company also provides aluminum-related products such as various aluminum rods, aluminum sheets, aluminum coils, aluminum skirting boards, aluminum rectangular square tubes and other aluminum series products, fast delivery, Special personnel will contact to solve the problem, the quality is good and the price is suitable. The product is continuously upgraded to ensure that the supply meets international standards. Leave a message below to obtain quotation and other information.

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Basic Specification Information

1) Material: Aluminum profile

2) Surface treatment process: sandblasting, polishing, wire drawing, anodizing, two-color anodizing

3) Inventory: Guaranteed supply

4) Packaging: Standard overseas packaging

5) Customization: Different coloring surface treatments can be selected according to different design profiles

6) Application: There are various colors to match, and different styles such as granular material and frosted are mainly used in architectural decoration.Compared with other profiles, aluminum profiles have better wear resistance and are more resistant to corrosion after a series of surface treatment processes, and are suitable for high-end decorative materials.

7) Features: 1. It is not easy to be corroded and worn, and has a long service life; 2. Aluminum profile The surface has been polished, sandblasted and other treatment processes to have a beautiful surface; 3. Environmentally friendly and recyclable;

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